Energetic Healing


For years, people have been giving me feedback that I have healing hands. In the beginning I was sceptic about this but the more I learned to listen to my intuition, I more I trusted the message that I needed to use my gift while working with my clients. The first problem I encountered in my search for a good education, was that most healing techniques are based on the outdated 7 chakra system. But then I came across Mel Brand of Gold Ray Twinflames that was a school for etheric healing based on a 12 chakra system. The assumption is that all our illnesses show up in our etheric body before they show up in our physical body. By healing the etheric body, you can prevent illnesses. You can also heal physical  pains and aches by working on the etheric body while they are so connected and influencing each other.

What I learned using this technique is that it also takes away old blockages of previous lifetimes that are still in our energy field. I will explain this with an example. While I was scanning the etheric body of a client I felt a cut in the belly. She did not mention any pain in that area before the session but I was definitely picking up pain. I did the healing session as usual. The next day, she sent me an email saying she had been experiencing pain in her belly all evening and night but by the morning it had all passed. She felt much lighter now this process was over. Apparently she was carrying an old traumatic experience in her energetic body that was healed in the session. In a previous lifetime she was cut in her belly, died and her baby died with her. For sure, this was a traumatic event for her soul. Doing the healing session, she was able to work through this old trauma and heal this.

It is impossible to tell what will happen during an energetic healing session. Here are some examples of the feedback of people:

  • I slept better than usual (someone that had trouble sleeping)
  • I have more energy
  • I could finally get in touch with my emotions
  • I felt lighter, as if something was lifted of me.
  • The pain in my back was better

Every session takes an hour. I will ask you first if you have any physical complaints. Then you will lie on the massage table, with comfortable clothes and socks, while I will scan your energy and etheric body. Then I will use certain techniques, depending on what I felt during the scanning phase. Every healing session includes working on the Kundalini energy. After the session you need to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water. You might have a mini crisis after a session like I described in the example above. This might be needed to get to the real profound healing.

Sometimes blockages that are closing off emotions or traumas are taken away and you might have to work through some reactions. Most of the time people just feel better. You get the best effect if you repeat the healing sessions several times. That is why I offer a discount in case you book at least 4 healing sessions at once. It is necessary to have 10 days between two sessions. All sessions will take place in Niel, Belgium or in Hammamet, Tunisia.