Soul Coaching


In the process of Soul Coaching I  focus on the development of the personality (the ego) AND the  soul. Those two development processes are entwined. I believe that true transformation can only be obtained by paying attention to both.

The ego or personality is our defence mechanism in this lifetime. How do we protect ourselves? What are our basic fears? What are our greatest strengths to overcome the obstacles that we face in life? I will mainly work with the Enneagram to create transformation on a personality level.

The soul is our essence, the part that transcends our death of the physical body. It is our ‘inner flame’ that can not be blown out. It is the part within us that is divine. Our soul has its own journey and has to pass different stages. The soul has to learn to manage superstition, fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusions.

Some challenges or changes that we notice in ourselves on our path of development can not be explained by the changes in our ego. But if we take into account the soul’s journey, it might all make perfect sense.

We need to work on both to feel stable. Personally, I believe that we chose our lessons before we incarnate, depending on where we are in our soul’s journey and what lessons we have learned so far as a soul. We also pick our personality,  parents, environment that will suit this life lesson. So we will be challenged with these lessons during our lifetime. How we face them is up to us. The more healthy our personality is, the better we can deal with these challenges and pass the tests we built in for ourselves. The more we pass these tests on a soul level, the more growth we can achieve for our soul. So both are helping each other to grow.

Soul coaching sessions are in English or Dutch via Skype and are minimum 2 hours per session in order to go deep enough in the process.